Course Description

Let's review what you already know...
Continuity, Safety and Security are the most important outcomes to a business surviving a disaster.

Have you thought about these questions....

  1. Where do I start?
  2. What would a Business Continuity Plan look like?
  3. How do I implement the plan in the event of a disaster?

If you own a business or are responsible for a business unit or facility, these are likely issues you have already faced. To ensure your business will have the best chance possible to survive and thrive after a disaster, take a look at our brief workshop.

This self-guided course will take you through the steps to create your Business Continuity Plan. You will get tips and ideas to make it easier and quicker to put together. You will learn how to successfully implement your plan and keep it alive year after year.

The following documents are included:

  1. An assessment form you can use before you start your plan and then reuse periodically to reassess your plan's status.
  2. An article that provides an overview for creating such a plan.
  3. A plan template in MS Word format which you can fill out to create your plan.

The documents mentioned above can be downloaded once you have purchased the course.

The course has a run-time of just under one hour and will be available to you for the next three months.

Plan to survive and thrive!

Eric Denniston

Managing Director

Eric Denniston

International consultant devoted to Strategic and Change Management Consulting working with a wide variety of organizations including, health-care, financial services, investment banking, computer retail, IT services, non-profits and resort development. Primary geographic expertise and contacts are in the USA and Mexico but are also significant throughout the Americas. Conducted business in virtually every country in the Americas while in the employ of Rockwell International.Works with organizations that are committed to achieve sustained, long-term high performance through improvement in their management systems. Focus on consulting and coaching engagements throughout the Americas. Specialties: Facilitating the development and implementation of Strategic Planning, Strategic Management and Change Management Processes for global organizations. I apply the Systems Thinking (R) approach developed by the Haines Centre for Strategic Management. Effective implementation of leadership programs, problem-solving, cost containment and work enhancement workshops. Trilingual, Spanish, English and French.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Module 1 - Goals and Overview

    • Module 1 - Goals and Overview

    • BusinessDisasterPlanningAssessment-DGI-01

    • ADPv4-2016-a

  • 3

    Module 2- Protect your Business

    • Module 2 - Protect your Business

  • 4

    Module 3 - Risks, Constraints and Benefits of Preparedness

    • Module 3 - Risks, Constraints and Benefits of Preparedness

  • 5

    Module 4 - Stay in Business, Talk with your People and Protect your Investment

    • Module 4 - Talk to your People

  • 6

    Module 5 - What are the costs to prepare your plan?

    • Module 5 - What are the costs to create your plan?

  • 7

    Module 6 - Actions for Creating your Plan

    • Module 6 - Actions for Creating Your Plan

  • 8

    Module 7 - Talk to your People

    • Module 7 - Talk to your People

  • 9

    Module 8 - Protect your Investment

    • Moule 8 - Protect Your Investment

    • Business Disaster Plan Document Template